Introducing realmeow: to democratize trendsetting culture

Tv24 Desk: Youth favorite smartphone brand, realme has recently announced its designer toy, realmeow, as its Chief Trendsetting Officer to democratize trendsetting culture and showcase the diversified personality of the Gen-Z. As the 1st designer toy launched by a tech company, realmeow is the combination of both high-tech and trendsetting design. Coming from a faraway trendsetting planet, realmeow is of bold and represents the spirit of ‘Dare to Leap’.

realmeow is co-designed by Mark A. Walsh, a world-famous animator, and realme. Mr. Walsh is the Directing Animator of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Character Developer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. He believes, “Characters start with passion. Defining their passion, and the obstacles they must overcome to achieve that passion, is what makes a great personality and identifiable character.” Thus, he joined in realme Design Studio as the Creative Consultant to create the trendsetting realmeow, who is also independent, fearless, and agile.

As a tech trendsetter brand, realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into tech industry, integrating trendsetting culture with high- tech and democratizing them. When co-designed realmeow, both Mark and realme believed it should showcase the culture favored by the young. Therefore, realmeow is inspired from street-culture; but to make it more aesthetic and vivid, they put some elements from painting and sculpture.

Mark and realme created realmeow, inspired by a cat with mysterious powers from trendsetting planet. With yellow as the main color of its body, the designer toy always wears a pair of black Lazer Glasses. The glasses can transform any object with just a glance, making it sharp with attitude and explosive with energy. realmeow is an excellent medium for having more people know and love trendsetting culture.

As a designer toy, realmeow is always 18. Although looks like very cold with its laser glasses, it is cute and believes that happiness is the most important part of one’s life. It likes fried chicken, pizza, skating and hip-hop dance, and always swings with rap songs like all the youngsters.

Positioned as Tech Trendsetter, realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into tech industry to meet the young’s demand both for trendsetting design and leap-forward technology. In the future, realme will launch customized smartphone and AIoT products based on realmeow to build all-connected, trendsetting smart life.

realmeow is delivering the pursuit of the young for trends and unique personality, fashion and quality. With the designer toy, realme will make all efforts to explore trendsetting culture with the young. realme has also launched limited gift packages of realmeow to celebrate the new year with the young worldwide.


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