‘Pathao Health’ brings emergency advice and necessary health information from doctors

Tv24 desk : On 8th April, 2021 Pathao Health was launched with the mission to make healthcare more accessible. The service was launched in partnership with health-tech startup Maya.

Placed within the Pathao app, features include asking health related questions anonymously, getting e-prescriptions from practising doctors, and having access to blogs and other knowledge bases.

Last year, at the onset of the pandemic Pathao Health was made available in the Pathao app in order to enable access to trusted information and guidance at a time when Bangladesh was going through a severe public health crisis arising from COVID-19. Pathao Health proved useful to the consumers as a digital health platform and is now making its return as a service tile within the lifestyle app.

The service profile for Pathao health are as follows:

Anonymously asking health-related questions, especially for sensitive topics like reproductive health and mental wellbeing.

Connecting users to practising physicians through live-chat

E-prescription support after medical consultation with a practising physician. Users can also order medicine through Pathao from their nearby pharmacies.

Lastly, a knowledgebase of blogs and other resources are available for users.

Fahim Ahmed, President of Pathao, said: “In collaboration with our partner Maya, we hope to harness the power of technology and the reach of Pathao’s digital services platform, to enable access to quality health information and solutions for our user base.”

Adeel H Chaudhry, Head of sales, B2B & partnerships Of Maya in Bangladesh, also added; “The right partnerships of Maya with platforms like Pathao will make the patient journey from a digital consultation to doorstep medicine delivery very efficient, smooth and quick.”


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