This Eid get your love delivered

TV24 DESK: Raihan has been sitting beside the window gazing out in the rain, thinking about the good old days when everyone could celebrate Eid together. After finishing their Eid prayer, he, his father and his young brother used to go to the local sacrifice ground to complete their Qurbani. Everyone from the neighborhood used to be there. At that time being there was the most blessed and joyous moment for Raihan.  Even though he had to move from his family home at Gazipur to Tejgaon because of his job but still he used to look forward to go home and celebrate Eid with everyone.

There are many who share the same thought as Raihan and with the government imposing nationwide strict lockdown to halt the spread of COVID-19, the situation had become more saddening. Due to lockdown many are stuck at their home like Raihan, away from the family and loved ones.

Even though nothing could fill the gap of being away from the family and loved ones. But to ease up the pain you could send your love with the help of delivery services such as Uber Moto Delivery. These delivery services have instructed their delivery personnel to maintain proper hygiene and carry sanitizers to keep you and your package safe.


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