Banglalink introduces text-only Facebook and Discover

Tv24: Banglalink, in partnership with Meta, has introduced text-only Facebook and Discover for its subscribers. Text-only Facebook will enable them to access a text-only version of Facebook and Messenger when they run out of data. Discover, a mobile web and Android app, will allow them to browse the internet using a daily balance of 20MB without data charges.

Banglalink subscribers can now remain connected using text-only Facebook when they run out of data. With text-only Facebook, they can message, upload photos, post text, like, comment and see all text on Facebook until they have data again. With Discover, they can use their daily balance of data from Banglalink to browse the internet access websites such as education, health information, search for jobs and more. Discover only supports low-bandwidth features, such as, text and icons when using the daily balance of data.

Ahmed Saquib, Strategy & Global Partnership Director, Banglalink said, “Providing subscribers with seamless connectivity has always been one of our key objectives. Banglalink’s partnership with Meta will help us implement it in a more effective way. Our subscribers can now enjoy access to a text-only version of Facebook and Discover even when they run out of data.”

Paul Kim, Director of International Business Development and Operator Partnerships APAC, Meta said, “Many internet users around the world are under connected, regularly disconnecting from the internet when their data balances run out. Text-only Facebook and Discover help bridge these gaps, with enabling people to stay connected with family and to access reliable health and other information online, until they are able to purchase data again.”

Banglalink will continue to bring additional facilities for its subscribers.


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