Meta’s Community Accelerator now expanded to Bangladesh

Meta’s GlobalGiving grant of USD 40,000

TV24 Desk : Meta, formerly known as the Facebook company, has launched its 2022 APAC Community Accelerator Program to help community leaders on Facebook advance their skills and utilize digital tools to deepen their impact. The opportunity is now available to community groups based in Bangladesh.

If selected, each Facebook community group will receive Meta’s GlobalGiving grant of USD 40,000, and the group admins will also get personalized coaching. This is to help them design and invest in an initiative that extends their community’s goals. It also gives the community leaders the opportunity to share their knowledge and network with other key players in the industry.

“We are excited to see people in Bangladesh use Facebook as a platform to build community and make a positive impact,” said Siddharta Swarup, Meta’s Social Impact and Communities Lead. “We invite innovative and impactful Bangladeshi groups to apply and be part of our accelerator program to help them develop and grow their communities and reach their collective goals.”

In Asia Pacific, the program is open to community leaders from 6 countries – Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. To apply, they must have a Facebook group that is over a year old and has at least 5,000 members.

To learn more about Meta’s Community Accelerator Program and the application process, visit:

The deadline to apply is September 10, 2022.



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