e-Education Japan & BacBon Ltd jointly organize an International Conference

TV24 Desk report: BacBon Limited and N.P.O. e-Education Japan will jointly organize an International Conference on “Society Co-Creation” to form a collective voice that will contribute to the making of a cooperative society with co-creation and partnership.

The one-day “Society Co-Creation” conference will be held at The Westin Dhaka on 12th November 2022 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Bangladesh and Japan. Thus, this is high time for both countries to co-create a better society together.

Four panel discussion sessions will be held during the conference. There will be four panelists and one moderator per session.

The first session will be about “The Power of Co-Creation and Social Innovation”. The second session will be about “Real Partnership Beyond Border”. The third session will be about “How to be an Entrepreneur Through Global Business”.

The fourth and last session is titled, “How to achieve Social Impact through Co-Creation”.

The conference will serve as a platform for the participants to make partnerships and extend cooperation for the betterment of society through co-creation. The participants will include 100+ international companies, individuals, business people, investors, venture capitalists, startups with innovative ideas, academicians, and policymakers from Japan and Bangladesh.

Eight startups will pitch and be honored ( $17,000) at the conference for their innovative products or services, which may promote a co-creative society.

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/Society-Co-Creation

Conference organized by BacBon Limited, Supported by Smart Technologies, Zaytoon, Brain Station 23. Media PartnerTechvision24.com


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