Are you tired of using the same facewash again and again?

TV24 Desk: If you are looking for something premium to match the adaptability of your skin, then you are reading the right article. Next time you buy a new facewash you don’t have to worry about waiting for a long time to see the result, as the first use itself is going to change your opinion to a great extent.

When you know that you have the option to resort to a halal facewash at a minimal price with zero side effects …why wouldn’t you switch at the earliest. …? Think Twice.

Zayn and Myza, a multinational Company, has introduced their Vitamin C foaming face wash to break the myth that face washes do not work on sensitive skin… Read more to know Zayn and Myza better… Zayn and Myza highly believes that skin care should be effortless and a fun thing to do every day. All products of Zayn and Myza are backed by science, free from chemical nasties, animal cruelty and 100% vegetarian. Recently, Zayn and Myza introduced an effective face wash called Vitamin C foaming face wash in the market to make skin care easier than ever.

Benefits of Using ZM Vitamin C foaming face wash • Brightens the skin – As the in- built applicator is rotated on the skin surface, it releases micro bubbles which cleans away the dirt and the grime accumulated in pores to make the skin luminous and brighter. • Keeps photo damage at bay – This astounding product has a derivative of Vitamin C called ethyl – ascorbic -acid to repair acne damage and minimize open pores. • Smaller molecular structure – This attribute of this face wash helps better penetration of the actives into the skin to reduce dark spots, hyper – pigmentation and pimple marks. • Hydrates the skin and prevents dryness – Packed with the combination of Aloe vera gel and Holy Basil to keep the skin moisturized. • Maintain the Ph- balance of the skin – This face wash removes the impurities gently without disrupting the natural oil balance of one’s face which is rarely seen among face washes.

Hence, without any further delay pamper your skin by making this hydrating face wash a part of your daily skin care regimen.


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