NBMEGF empowering entrepreneurs : Iqbal Bahar

NBMEG founder Iqbal Bahar 

TV24 Desk: At this time of the beneficial progress of technology, people are enjoying all the civic services sitting at home. This trend has more increased during the Pandemic period. People around the world have become accustomed to remote offices, video conferencing, online shopping even students doing classes from home.

With the blessing of technology, anyone can do a course at home. With inspiration from there, huge amount of employees who lost their jobs due to the epidemic have become entrepreneurs now. Bangladesh is no exception. Millions of young people become entrepreneur by completing free or low-cost courses online even from remote villages. Contributing in country’s economy. Various government and private organizations are working to train and motivate these entrepreneurs. One such non-profit organization is ‘Nijer Bolar Moto Ekta Golpo’ – a nonprofit foundation in Bangladesh where ‘every day’ free entrepreneurship training is provided ‘- NBMEG foundation was founded in 2018 by Mr. Iqbal Bahar to minimize unemployment, to encourage entrepreneurs and to perform better in their present work for the youth of the country’s 64 districts and for non-resident Bangladeshis. This noble foundation has a following of 366,000+ members on their Facebook group, 653,000+ people on their Facebook page and 150,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Mr Bahar said, “At NBMEG foundation, we believe it is our social responsibility to empower the youth of the country. Thus, we have created our online platforms which are quite active with 650,000+ youth, of which 23% are women. Our Facebook group alone is working as a marketplace, where the members are showcasing and selling millions of products without any marketing expenses. Our platforms give them massive networking scopes and open new horizon of possibilities.”

Iqbal Bahar is teaching his 20th batch now with an exceptional record of around 1800 days of consecutive workshops for free on entrepreneurship, previously unseen in Bangladesh. He has been awarded for organizing 1000 consecutive days of online training, a history made in the World Book of Records, UK. The entrepreneurship course is a 90-consecutive day’s program that provides students with 16 learning courses and 400 components to develop their skills. So far, it has made 100,000 entrepreneurs who have created about 500,000 employment opportunities in the country through this foundation.

For know more details: https://www.facebook.com/Iqbalbahar28/


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