KK Foundation commenced its Iftar and Sehri distribution program all over Bangladesh

TV24 Desk: KK Foundation (KKF), like every year, has launched a month-long nationwide Iftar and Sehri distribution program for the month of Holy Ramadan as part of its humanitarian response and Sadaqah activities. KKF along with its two partner organization, Give Bangladesh and Jhilimili initiated a campaign to distribute both Iftar & Sehri among the underprivileged people living in all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Under Foundation’s “Project Ramadan 2023” fundraising project, with the fundamental aim to help the low-income and poverty-stricken family, KKF is operating this program. The foundation was able to reach 3140 people for Iftar and 800 people for Sehri in 6 districts of Bangladesh till 8th Ramadan.

Last year, the foundation distributed about 36,000 Iftar and 8,500 Sehri among the deprived people of 64 districts. This year we strive to break our own record and want to reach more people. However, it will not be possible for KK Foundation to achieve the target without the generous support of our donors. The packages the donors are contributing for Iftar and Sehri are – “100 taka for 1 person, 500 taka for 5 persons and 1000 taka for 12 persons”.

The cost of daily essentials is soaring and impoverished communities are suffering the most. As food insecurity, and malnutrition has increased, KKF is prioritizing feeding the fasting underprivileged community. We appeal to all our donors by saying, “your generosity is their relief.” Extend your trust in us like before to reach the target. Let us make Ramadan blissful and spread the barakah among the vulnerable through KK Foundation.

Contact: Ga-99/3A/B, Middle Badda Manama Tower. 11th Floor Dhaka, 1212

-Press Release



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