Utshob.xyz Launched Groundbreaking Event Planning App, Revolutionizing the Event Industry in Bangladesh

Utshob.xyz Launched Groundbreaking Event Planning App

TV24 Desk: Utshob.xyz, the pioneering event planning platform in Bangladesh, proudly announces the highly-anticipated launch of its revolutionary app on the Play Store. With its comprehensive 360-degree event solution and cutting-edge planning app, Utshob.xyz is set to transform the way customers access event services, offering a seamless and convenient experience.

Since its establishment in March 2021, Utshob.xyz has dedicated substantial resources to research and development, ensuring the creation of a robust and user-centric app.
Presently, the event planning industry in Bangladesh lacks dedicated apps or websites, with over 98% of event businesses operating offline. Traditionally, event planning for the mass in the country has been riddled with challenges such as unclear pricing, concerns over service quality, and a lack of business credibility among service providers. These issues have made it difficult for customers to navigate through numerous offline service providers, resulting in time-consuming, expensive and unsatisfactory experiences. Moreover, relying on search engines or social media platforms for event services often leads to unreliable information, exacerbating the problem further.

Utshob.xyz addresses these challenges head-on by offering a cost-effective, transparent, and convenient one stop event solution through its innovative service app.
Customers can now effortlessly browse detailed service information, including ratings, reviews, and prices, before making informed decisions. The app also provides secure online payment options, ensuring added convenience and peace of mind. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to provide feedback after availing services, allowing for continuous improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, service providers will have a digital platform to efficiently manage their businesses and maximize revenue generation.

“Our core mission at Utshob.xyz is to digitize the event industry ecosystem, positively impacting the lives of individuals working in this industry,” stated Md. Zahedur Rahman, Chairman of Utshob.xyz.

The man behind the idea of Utshob.xyz, Founder and CEO Md. Moshiur Rahman, draws upon a decade of experience as a seasoned product manager in the service industry. His personal experience in event planning highlighted the need for an online platform that streamlines the process and ensures customer satisfaction. In-depth market analysis further revealed the immense potential for sustainable business growth, with the event planning market in Bangladesh exceeding BDT 4000 crore and boasting a compound annual growth rate of approximately 10%.

Utshob.xyz aims to bridge this gap by providing a cutting-edge one stop event solution that allows customers to effortlessly order services on-demand through its user-friendly app.
To support its mission, Utshob.xyz has already secured BDT 6 Million in pre-seed investment from angel investors in 2021, enabling extensive research and development, as well as the development of an initial product. Additionally, the company has received grants equivalent to 4 lakhs from Amazon and Google for their cloud services, further bolstering their technological capabilities.

Looking ahead, Utshob.xyz remains focused on achieving product-market fit for its service marketplace and driving business growth. With a robust database of over 2000 service providers, Utshob.xyz aims to gradually expand its services to different locations in Dhaka, catering to the diverse needs of customers throughout the city.

Now available on the Play Store, customers can easily access a wide range of event services including wedding , birthday , corporate program and so on.

The CEO of the company shared his vision, stating, “We are committed to bringing Utshob.xyz to more cities and towns across Bangladesh. Our goal is to make event planning hassle-free and accessible for everyone so that they can make more memories for old ages, regardless of their location. We want to create a positive impact on the event industry by providing a platform that connects customers and service providers seamlessly.”

Utshob.xyz extends an invitation to customers, service providers, and media outlets to join them on their journey to revolutionize the event planning landscape in Bangladesh. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store, and for more information, please visit www.utshob.xyz


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