Virtual Meeting Platform ‘Convay’ Rises in Popularity Across Bangladesh

TV24 Desk: Convay, a virtual collaboration platform integrating AI-based noise cancellation facilities for clear communication, is gaining popularity among consumers across the country. Convay is working towards operating a safe, flexible, and uninterrupted communication system across various sectors, including corporate and government bodies, as well as educational institutions.

Convay is a virtual collaboration platform that integrates facilities to foster effective communication among users, namely low-bandwidth video conferencing, various collaboration tools, and visual boards. This cloud-based virtual meeting platform features AI-based architecture and an RNN-based noise suppression system to ensure an external noise-free video conferencing experience. Additionally, Convay’s advanced security features keep users’ personal information 100% secure.

Quazi Abdullah Al Mamun, the Head of Marketing and Product Innovation at Convay said, “Convay has been designed to allow users easy, seamless performance in their daily virtual tasks. Our goal is to meet the needs of the people in the country and establish Convay as a leading virtual meeting platform in the global corporate sector. Our experienced team is always working diligently to solve any problems faced by users.”

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About Convay: Over two years of meticulous planning and collaboration between experts from Bangladesh, Australia, and North America resulted in the birth of Convay. More than just a video conferencing platform, Convay promised to be a next-generation office space in the virtual realm. The core philosophy behind the platform is to facilitate connectivity, collaboration, and creativity among colleagues, emulating the essence of a real office environment. Convay prioritizes security, it has security features like domain and country lock, unique URL, data residency, cloud and local hosting.

One of Convay’s fundamental features is its capacity to accommodate up to 1000 participants in a video meeting, making it an ideal platform for organizations of all sizes. But it isn’t just about scale; Convay prioritized audio and video quality, ensuring HD web meetings with minimal bandwidth requirements, making it both efficient and cost-effective. Most importantly, you can pay for Convay using any bank, cards, or MFIs in Bangladesh.


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