eGeneration becomes “AI Innovation Partner” of Bangladesh Artificial Intelligence Olympiad

TV24 Desk: eGeneration is delighted to jointly announce its partnership with Bangladesh Intelligence Olympiad (BdAIO) to foster artificial intelligence education and innovation among the youth of Bangladesh. eGeneration is the “AI innovation partner” of this Olympiad, which is organized by Bangladesh Open-Source Network (BdOSN). This partnership aims to inspire and challenge young minds to explore the vast potential of AI.

The upcoming International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence (IOAI) in Bulgaria from August 9-15, 2024, will bring together talented high school students globally, including those from Bangladesh, to delve into the realms of Al and ignite the spirit of innovation among the next generation of Al pioneers. As the AI Innovation Partner, eGeneration brings extensive expertise in AI, NLP, ML, Data Centers, Cyber Security, Health-tech, Fintech, Modern Workplace, Cloud Business Applications, and ERP Solutions

Shameem Ahsan, Managing Director of eGeneration PLC Said, ” In the era of OpenAI-ChatGPT 4.0 and Google-Gemini 1.5 Flash, developing the new generation of Bangladesh with AI skills is crucial.   eGeneration has a strong track record in local and international AI projects. This partnership will be instrumental in advancing the significance of Artificial Intelligence education and innovation among the youth of Bangladesh. eGeneration is committed to empowering young Bangladeshis to become future leaders in AI.

Munir Hasan, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Open-Source Network (BdOSN) said, “We are delighted to have eGeneration join us as a partner for the Bangladesh Artificial Intelligence Olympiad. This partnership reflects our dedication to nurturing young talent and propelling technological advancement in the country.” Together, we are excited to inspire the next generation of AI leaders and contribute to their journey.

Lafifa Jamal, Professor of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Dhaka said, “This competition will be instrumental in driving the synergy between AI and robotics. By shaping the future of AI, we are simultaneously propelling the robotics industry towards enhanced automation, efficiency, and transformative technological solutions, paving the way for innovation and progress.”

Dr. B M Mainul Hossain, Professor & Director of Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka said, “Initiatives like the AI Olympiad foster innovation, inspire youth, and nurture future AI leaders. By collaborating between academia and industry, we can cultivate talent and propel our nation towards a technologically empowered future.”

eGeneration is recognized for its strong achievements in AI projects, including Bangla-to-International Phonetic Alphabet converter, screen reader software, and AI solutions for fintech in Dubai and automatic vehicle entry in Myanmar. Our hospital automation solutions with AI for precise medical treatment is making waves.


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