Bangladesh’s Ambassador visited Xiaomi’s HQ in China

Tv24 desk: Global technology leader Xiaomi has announced plans to pull off something big in Bangladesh. As a part of this plan, the organization invited the Bangladesh Ambassador to China, Mahbub Uz Zaman, to visit the Chinese head office in Beijing.

Last Thursday, Xiaomi hosted an event with ambassadors and diplomats from 14 countries, including Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s Ambassador to China Mahbub Uz Zaman has visited Xiaomi’s head office in Beijing as the only ambassador to the Asian region.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi and Shou Zi Chew, president of International Business, welcomed the ambassadors and diplomats from 14 countries, and along with the office visit, briefed them on Xiaomi’s activities.

At the event, Xiaomi informed the ambassador about their future plans for Bangladesh. Mahbub Uz Zaman highlighted the IT market in Bangladesh. He said that there is a conducive environment for investment in the information technology sector in Bangladesh and urged Xiaomi to invest in this sector.


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