Startups need Scaling Up methods to sustain growth

TV24 Desk: Venture Capital and Private Equity Association of Bangladesh (VCPEAB), Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Bangladesh and eGeneration Limited jointly organized “Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop” at Lahore Restaurant in Dhaka recently. It was an exclusive workshop for the leaders and entrepreneurs to understand scaling up process for a business, how to execute them in a business and its implication on a business’ growth and sustainability.

The workshop aimed to unlock the process of precise and maximum scalability of the businesses through time-tested and result-driven methodology. The workshop was attended by industry pioneers, leaders and startup founders. Sami Ahmed, Managing Director, Startup Bangladesh joined as special guest, while Farian Yusuf, President, EO Bangladesh, Mohammed Zia Uddin, President Elect, EO Bangladesh, Mike Kazi, Former President, EO Bangladesh and many other were among the notable who were present yesterday.

Manoj Chugani, the renowned & certified Scale Up coach in Asia Pacific Region flew in from Hong Kong to conduct the workshop. More than 40 Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and members from the leadership teams of different organizations of various industries like Banks, Conglomerates, Tech Companies, Startups actively participated in the event.

Sami Ahmed, Managing Director, Startup Bangladesh said, “Many of the well-established organizations in Bangladesh have adapted the Scaleup methodology and seeing the exponential results. I believe if the emerging businesses embrace this method, they also will surely be benefited, and Startup Bangladesh will be always there to support the startups to grow and play vital roles on transforming Bangladesh.”

Shameem Ahsan, Managing Director of eGeneration quoted, “The workshop helped the aspiring leaders to get an abstract idea about the Scaling Up Business Growth methodology and eGeneration has always been committed to support the tech-startups to scale up their business.”

Farian Yusuf, President, EO Bangladesh also said, “EO is always there to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through life-enhancing connections. I believe this event was a big opportunity for the attendees to make more networking as entrepreneurs from different industries were under the same roof on this day. We strongly believe everyone attended today’s workshop are benefited and will be able scale their business and the value of their people and organization.’’


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