Colocity Limited is supporting the data centers affected by the fire at Khawaja Tower

Colocity CMO, MD AL Fuad.

Tv24 Report: Affected the operations of several international internet gateway (IIG) service providers, data centres and interconnection exchanges (ICXs) that were housed in the tower.

We take immense pride in our team’s exceptional ability to expand available space while incorporating redundant power and precision cooling. In the wake of the regrettable fire incident at Khaja Tower on October 26, 2023, we’ve undertaken the responsibility of onboarding some of the affected IIG and IX services. Our goal is to provide support to those impacted and play a part in restoring the country’s bandwidth system back online.

Mr. Al Fuad, CMO of CoLoCity said, CoLoCity is the first Data center in Bangladesh and more experienced as well. we were on shortage of cooling…by taking a challenge and complete within 72 hours to deploy a set of fresh cooling (PAC) with redundant capacity to support the victims…which is very challenging on a live datacenter and none of ours exusting customers were hampered. it was the main success story of ours, instead of acquire the customers to ensure the support for them.

Because of the Khawaja tower fire, two of the data centres Dhakacolo on the 10th floor and NRB Telecom on the 11th floor were damaged.

Fuad also said, Even while operating at maximum capacity, our dedicated team has tirelessly worked over the past 72 hours to establish additional facilities for the fire victims. We’ve enhanced cooling and power capacity to address this unexpected event.

we appreciate the patience of the ones whom we could not accommodate yet. We will surely be serving you soon.

Special thanks to our technology partner “Shark Limited” and everyone for your patience and co-operation.


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