AyyKori launches Campus Ambassador Program across Bangladesh

TV24 Desk: AyyKori Digital Ltd., Bangladesh’s pioneering Cashback and Affiliate Marketplace, has taken a significant stride towards fostering financial empowerment with the launch of its Campus Ambassador Program. This groundbreaking initiative marks the first of its kind in the nation, aiming to empower individuals and communities through innovative earning opportunities and low-cost shopping solutions.
The Campus Ambassador Program, unveiled at the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) premises, witnessed the induction of 60 dynamic Campus Ambassadors onboarded from 20 universities nationwide. Additionally, 20 Area Ambassadors were onboarded, heralding a new era of collaboration and community engagement. Ambassadors residing outside Dhaka attended the orientation program online, while those residing in Dhaka attended in person.

The program offers ambassadors a myriad of benefits, including earning opportunities, job and internship prospects, career advancement avenues, and official acknowledgment certificates. Through this initiative, AyyKori aims to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance, driving economic growth and prosperity across Bangladesh.

For more information about AyyKori and its transformative initiatives, please visit: https: //ayykori.net/ Source : TDS 


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