Interior Studio provide state-of-the-art interior design solution form BD

Maruf Leakat CEO, Interior Studio. 

TV24 Desk: Maruf Leakat is one of the successful entrepreneurs of the present time. The number of people who work in interior design but do not know Maruf Leakat may be few in number.

His organization Interior Studio is exclusive Interior Design firm in Bangladesh. His organization has met the employment needs of many unemployed people. Interior Studio offer state-of-the-art interior design solution through modern interior system.

Services of Interior Studio:

1. Interior Design
2. 3D Visualisation
3. Landscape Design
4. Architectural Design
5. Consultancy & Project Management

Interior Studio transforming clients dreams & abstract ideas into full-fledged tangible ones, they also specialised in customized furniture’s and appliances based on client’s preference. Interior Studio always prefer to use new technology & eco friendly materials for sustainable development.

Interior design involves the arrangement and decoration of interior spaces to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. It encompasses aspects such as furniture selection, color schemes, lighting, and spatial planning to achieve a desired atmosphere or style within a space.


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