BASIS-BCC-JICA spearhead a milestone project for ICT engineer development

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) is collaborating with the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the JICA-BCC-BASIS TCP: Technical Cooperation Project. The duration of the project will be 42 months, which will be committed to advancing the ICT industry in Bangladesh by developing a sustainable framework for practical human resource development.

This joint endeavor, under the banner of JICA-BCC-BASIS TCP, is a Technical Cooperation Project. This initiative involves identifying essential engineering skills in collaboration with industry experts, government, and academia. Subsequently, it will create and implement targeted training courses in partnership with private companies and universities. The project also includes piloting subject lectures at select universities, emphasizing the crucial role of higher education institutes in shaping and contributing to the ICT sector’s human resource development.

The working group members of the project will identify technical areas of training for upper-middle to high-level IT engineers to be implemented in the project, with a view to transferring some of the following nine series under the Japanese industry-academia collaborative training program ‘Top SE’ by National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan to Bangladesh. These are training: Architecture, Formal Specification, Cloud, Testing and Verification, Agile, Requirement Engineering, Security, Data Science and Data-Driven Society and its Regulation.

In this regard, on Saturday, a meeting was held regarding the “Project for ICT Engineers Development for the Promotion of the ICT Industry and New Innovations (JICA-BCC-BASIS TCP: Technical Cooperation Project)” at BASIS. BASIS President Russell T. Ahmed presided over the meeting and AKM Ahmedul Islam BABU, Director of BASIS and Chairman of BASIS Japan Desk, Akihito Shoji, JICA Expert, JICA Bangladesh; Engr. Md. Golam Sarwar, Director (Training & Development) BCC and good number of the senior BASIS Members and Japan Desk members were present in the meeting.

BASIS President Mr. Russell T. Ahmed said, “BASIS will be an integral part of this project and implement the project successfully. This project is a testament to the commitment of BASIS and its partners to drive innovation and excellence in the ICT industry. By bridging the gap between industry needs and skilled human resources, we aim to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for technological advancements in Bangladesh.”

AKM Ahmedul Islam BABU said, “This project is especially for the IT industry and BASIS members will be benefitted by this project. The objective of the project is to scaling up the upper-middle to high-level IT engineers along with the member companies of BASIS.”

Akihito Shoji, JICA Expert said, “The JICA-BCC-BASIS TCP project represents a crucial step in fostering the growth of the ICT industry in Bangladesh, aligning with the country’s broader vision for technological progress and economic development.”

Engineer Golam Sarwar said, “The government has always been working closely with the private sector to develop the IT industry. The demand for skilled engineers in the IT industry is increasing day by day and the government is working on such project to meet that demand.”


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