LEAD Academy Gets Featured in the HundrED’s Global Collection 2024

TV24 Desk Report: LEAD Academy has been identified as a standout innovation in HundrED’s Global Collection 2024, an annual compilation showcasing 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. This recognition underscores LEAD Academy’s unwavering commitment to delivering world-class skill development courses and STEM education to the future generation.

LEAD Academy provides pre-recorded and LIVE skill development courses to students of all ages and also imparts essential coding skills to children aged 7 to 16 via live online classes through Dreamers Academy, their platform to foster the next generation of coders in the country. Dreamers Academy currently has a pool of 1200+ students, positioning itself as the exclusive STEM.org accredited platform in Bangladesh.

Established in 2016, HundrED, a global non-profit organization, not only emphasizes the importance of innovation in education but also recognizes a gap in awareness among educators beyond their local spheres. The Global Collection serves as a crucial bridge to disseminate knowledge and insights, further magnifying LEAD Academy’s influence on a global educational scale.

LEAD Academy’s inclusion in HundrED’s Global Collection 2024 is a testament to its commitment to shaping the future of education through innovative solutions. Mr. Ashfaq Zaman, the Co-Founder, expressed his honor, stating, “We are honored to be featured in HundrED’s Global Collection 2024. This recognition reinforces our dedication to preparing students for the future through innovative coding programs, providing them with the best opportunities to develop skills for an ever-changing world.”

Mr. Sharif Ahmed, another Co-Founder of LEAD Academy expressed, “I am truly honored and thrilled that our startup has been selected for HundrED 2024. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of our team. I am grateful for the support we’ve received and excited about the doors this recognition will open for us, enabling us to contribute even more to the educational landscape.”

Furthermore, Shah Paran, Founder & CEO of HandyMama and an esteemed instructor at LEAD Academy, adds another layer to this recognition, remarking, “I’m pleased by LEAD Academy’s inclusion in HundrED’s Global Collection 2024. It underscores the impact of their commitment to smart education and preparing students to be future-ready.”  LEAD Academy’s recognition in HundrED’s Global Collection 2024 not only affirms their steadfast commitment to delivering eminent coding programs but also positions the institution as a global leader in shaping the future of education.

LEAD Academy has also recently achieved a coveted position in the Stanford Seed Transformation Program, Class of 2024, emerging as the sole ed-tech platform in this region. The program, recognised for its top-tier curriculum and innovative insights from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is specifically designed for CEOs and founders of established businesses in Africa and South Asia. Spanning 10 months, this comprehensive programme aims to furnish participants with the essential skills, tools, and mindset required for business growth and scaling, all while fostering a robust peer-to-peer support network. LEAD Academy’s spot at this esteemed program is anticipated to have a significant impact on the landscape of leadership and business development in Bangladesh.

Lead Academy Profile on the HundrED platform: https://hundred.org/en/innovations/1-lead-academy. Global Collection 2024 Link: https://hundred.org/en/collections/hundred-global-collection-2024. Report PDF Link: https://hundred.org/en/reports/hundred-global-collection-2024/download


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